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Leavers & Joiners.

How much time is spent setting up new user accounts and, often more importantly, making sure that leavers have their access revoked on the right day?


HADSL FirM allows you to standardise and automate the whole joiners and leavers process for IBM Notes Domino and, with our add-on packs, Microsoft Active Directory and Blackberry handset users too.

By standardising and automating these processes you can reduce errors, free up administration staff, set up new users more quickly and ensure that things are done the right way, at the right time, every time

By either linking FirM to your existing ‘people’ database, to Active Directory or by enhancing your current hybrid or manual system, all of the time consuming tasks needed to ensure a user is created or disabled correctly in all three environments can be reduced to as little as approving an automated process or entering the user’s first and last names.


The leavers process can be correctly controlled with ‘future disable’, mailbox management, access and archiving, and a full audit trail, ensuring that all your regulatory requirements are met.

Why waste time on mistakes when you can make user identity management easy, simple and right. First time, every time!

Let us show you how HADSL FirM can save you time & money.

If you would like to try FirM yourself & see what it can do for your business,


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