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Domino & Active Directory.

Once you’ve used the semi-automated process to link up the user accounts and chosen the master database, at a user or field level, all the additional data you’ve added from employee number to office location or mobile number will synch automatically between your directories.

If you use Active Directory as your ‘master’ for users and you’re fed up with having to create users in IBM Domino by hand, don’t worry!

Do you wish all those fields in you Active Directory would match up with the fields in your Domino Directory? No problem at all with the HADSL FirM AD add-on!


Based on the Active Directory tree we can set up your Domino users automatically using the information you’ve already entered in AD. We’ll handle everything in Domino, from creating the mailbox on the correct server, with the correct name, to setting up the cluster replicas and mailbox quotas! And we’ll track the whole process in our auditing database so you can meet any regulatory requirements!And, of course, that works for leavers as well as joiners and, with our properly managed leavers processes you know that everything will be right, first time, every time!

Let us show you how HADSL FirM can save you time & money.

If you would like to try FirM yourself & see what it can do for your business,


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