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Service Desk.

How much time is wasted resetting passwords or correcting name changes or location moves? With HADSL FirM all those events and more can be handled first time, every time by your service desk.

With two stage approval available for every transaction in HADSL FirM you can maintain control but still delegate complex and security sensitive tasks to your service desk team. Password resets for Notes and web clients can be tracked (the event, not the password!) and approved where necessary.

User name corrections can be completed within minutes instead of days. User location moves that need mailboxes to be migrated and site information updated can be initiated immediately.

Make sure that the right people in your organisation are managing the right processes. Speed up events and problem resolution as well as tracking everything through our audit logs, ensuring you meet any regulatory requirements. Let the right people action the right tasks and get them right, first time, every time!

Let us show you how HADSL FirM can save you time & money.

If you would like to try FirM yourself & see what it can do for your business,


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