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Features you will love.

User Management
  • Full Lotus domino user creation with

  • Load balancing - given a selection of Lotus Domino

  • serves, FirM will choose the one with least users.

  • Cluster mailfile creation on one or more server cluster mates.

Group Management
  • Group Create. Create a new Lotus Domino group according to standard profiles

  • Enforce naming conventions

  • All technical details such as type, foreign directory

FirM makes Standard Service Requests become repeatable tasks that can be delegated to your service desk or other personnel who are not trained Domino administrators.


Whether you are an enterprise or an SMB organisation FirM can add value.

FirM lets you get things right, first time, every time.

Blackberry Management
  • BlackBerry Provision. Associate a user with a BlackBerry handset.

  • BlackBerry Delete. Delete an association between a user and a handset.

  • BlackBerry Disable. Temporarily disable a users

Active Directory Management
  • AD Group Create. Create an Active Directory group

  • AD Group Manage Members. Add or remove users from active Directory Groups.

Application Management
  • Mail in Database Create.

  • Create a new application and all relevant replcas from a list of allowed templates.

  • Populate the applications ACL's and grant modification access to the Application owner.

  • Set the application quota and warning thresholds. Create a directory mail-in database entry in the Domino directory

Automated Tasks
  • ID Update. FirM offers two alternative features to ensure that the encrypted user ID and password repositories are always kept up-to-date following changes:

  • ID Backup - the environment is monitored for ID changes and users are sent emails requesting the backup of their latest ID file and password; and

  • ID Escrow - Domino's password recovery mechanism is leveraged, ensuring that all changed IDs are captured automatically (these IDs require password recovery before they can be utilised)

Let us show you how HADSL FirM can save you time & money.

If you would like to try FirM yourself & see what it can do for your business,


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